Godhra, Kar Savaks and Modi

Zakia Jafri’s lawyer Mukul Sinha has nailed the lie of the SIT into 2002 Gujarat carnage about chief minister Narendra Modi’s presumed innocence. Thanks to the efforts of Mukul Sinha the documents, which the SIT was jealously guarding, lest the probe leads upto Modi’s doorsteps, are now out in the open and clearly show that the VHP, Bajrang Dal, obviously under Modi’s patronage had been making preparations for this aggressive demonstration of the Hindutva might for over 20 days and the state intelligence had been putting out alerts, which surely passed through the hands of Narendrabhai, who instead of heeding to these actually dispatched Jaideep Patel to Godhra immediately upon hearing the news of the burning of people inside S-6 coach of the train on February 27. Will it be too far fetched to assume that the kar sevaks burnt the bogie from inside and in effect killed scores of poor daily wagers travelling from UP in search of farm labour in the prosperous Gujarat. It is now clearly established that the train coach could not have burnt from outside. Justice U C Banerjee did not gather sufficient courage to state that  this could only be the handiwork of the Kar Sevaks, though he did state that the coach caught fire from inside. If it was from inside, then the most obvious explanation is that the kar sevaks were carrying inflammable material in large quantities as a preconceived conspiracy which Modi and Jaideep Patel were privy to. After entering Gujarat and deciding well in advance the spot of action they chose the outer signal of Godhra which was inhabited by a huge Muslim population. First they provoked the Muslims to invite stoning of the train, then in the chaos and confusion of that clash. the kar sevaks spread the inflammable fluid on the floor of S-6 coach and then retreated from there into the next coach cutting out the vestibule cloth with blades after locking all the doors to retreat to safety but also ensuring that all those inside do not escape. That is the only plausible explanation. As the then Home Minister Advani while replying to the debate asked Sonia Gandhi, sitting in the front Opposition bench, “Are you suggesting that kar sevaks themselves set fire?” He had a wicked smile and twinkle in his eyes as I sat in the media gallery witnessing the debate. But that is the truth. No one will get up and speak out.But I am 100% confident, one day one of the kar sevaks will feel the remorse to either get up and confess everything or leave behind some book or document to tell this confess.    


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