Hail Narendrabhai!!

Did I say last week that the BJP will find some excuse or the other again to stall the debate on the Food Security Bill scheduled for today in the Lok Sabha? I did. I am no oracle nor a soothsayer. I just cant help spelling out what the BJP is really upto notwithstanding its pretenses. The fact is that the passage of the Bill doesn’t help the BJP one bit. Despite several round of discussions on this issue in a series of chief ministers’ conferences and then the Bill being discussed threadbare by the Parliamentary Standing Committee of the concerned ministry, Modi had the cheek to write to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to call a meeting in his bid to thwart the move. This was after, first Sushma Swaraj and then Rajnath Singh, had publicly announced that the BJP will support the Bill. But Modi doesn’t want this Bill passed. First Narendra Modi’s basic philosophy is against what he termed giving doles to the poor. There is a section of economists of the same view as Modi who believe that  once the Government helps enriching further the rich, which the BJP and in particular Modi had done very effectively, the poor too will get something in the trickle down process and that will help the nation far more than spending on providing cheap rations to the poor. Never mind that till the other day his party along with some others was crying hoarse to distribute wheat and rice free to the poor. Who remembers that anyway?

Apart from the fact that Sonia Gandhi claiming credit for one more pro-poor scheme doesn’t go down well with the de facto PM candidate of the BJP, he has also to show who is the boss in his party. He had to create an embarrassment for Sushma, Jaitley and Rajnath for going ahead and committing to Sonia. Anyway now that their job is only to “Dari bichhao (spread the mattress)” for Modi’s show, they better reconcile to their role. Actually all of them with the exception of Sushma worked to create this monster in their midst. Please recall that in 2010, after Sushma and Jaitley had made a public commitment to attend Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s pre-Monsoon Parliament session, the two had to eat their words and meekly announce that they are boycotting the lunch because of the arrest of Amit Shah by the CBI in the Sohrabuddin Sheikh case.

I am told at the Sunday meeting where Modi lectured all of them how to get 272+ seats in the 2014 polls, while Jaitley had wondered earlier if they had been reduced merely spreading the mattress, Sushma wondered about her relevance as the Leader of Opposition, after which Rajnath had to rebuff the Bihar unit for unilaterally announcing Modi as the party’s PM candidate. But that is no deterrent. Tomorrow another state unit may demand Modi’s candidature and believe you me before the October-November Assembly elections the crescendo will become deafening because in Modi’s scheme of things the announcement should be made before the assembly polls for  if the BJP results do not turn out as per expectations, he would have no leg to stand on to press for this demand. Thus, mark my word, Modi would continue thwarting a discussion on the Food Security Bill and progressively make Sushma and Jaitley look like puppets on the string.

Hail Narendrabhai!!



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