Shourie exposes why they are stalling the passage of Food Security Bill

Faraz Ahmad

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party. Lenin’s famous quote is being put to good use by Mohanrao Madhukarrao Bhagwat and his comrade in arms Narendrabhai Damodardas Modi out to obliterate the Congress party from the Indian soil.

So all the old die hard Sanghis have started resurfacing. Arun Shourie, if I remember correctly, had in his Walk the Talk interview with Shekhar Gupta soon after the 2009 general elections, disowned the BJP, condemned not just L K Advani but the entire ruling clique in the BJP along with one may assume Narendra Modi, who was Advani’s biggest confidant till then. But suddenly he emerged from his Lavasa comforts and deigned to grace Advani’s Vivekananda International Foundation (VIF) ostensibly to bless his one time protégé A Surya Prakash. Surya Prakash’s book release proved to be a good occasion for all the overt and covert Sanghis to sit back and revive the memories of the old NDA times, while simultaneously strategise to regain power in 2014.

Shourie is not alone though. Sadhvi Uma Bharti too has abandoned her Gangotri ashram and deigned to mix around with lesser human beings in the service of the cause by rushing to defend Sanghi Guru Asaram Bapu, allegedly involved in a rape case.

One thing, I must say I admire about Shourie, lacking in people like Sushma, Jaitley, Rajnath, Venkaiah and even Modi– that he does not believe in mincing his words and would rather call a spade, a spade. If one reads innumerable blogs, tweets and SMS of the Sanghi fraternity, where I have always included Anna Hazare, Arvind Kejriwal and that General V K Singh an their admirers, whom now the BJP is contemplating fielding as its candidate from Haryana, is their complete disdain for, in fact outright opposition to reservations, MNREGA and now the Food Security Bill. On Parliament floor the BJP would never oppose any of those measures, but its constituency is dying to get the BJP back to undo all three. Thankfully Shourie has removed all confusion on that account and come out upfront opposing all three. However I would utter a word of caution to all my social media variety Sanghis and remind them that they had committed a similar folly in 1991 thereby empowering a backward Kalyan Singh committed to further empowering the OBCs. My Sanghi twitters are missing the point that for all his loud protestations Modi too happens to belong to a backward caste. It took them a lot of time and energy to get Kalyan Singh out. In this case they may never succeed in getting Modi out. Anyway the choice lies with them. I would suggest to my social media friends to settle like all of us in UP for the real variety OBC/Dalit leaders like Mulayam or Mayawati, because ultimately no Shourie will ever have the numbers to contest a Lok Sabha elections and Rahul Gandhi is unlikely to make it anyway leaving the people to choose from a communal, fascist Modi or Mulayam/Mayawati or Lalu/Nitish. The choice is yours and there is very little time left to decide.



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