Inspired by Jalib


Dear friends last night I was simply listening to old recordings of Habeeb Jalib and his poem: Farangi ka jo main Darban hota, to jeena kis qadar aasaan hota. Withmy humble apologies to Jalib, one of the most consistent and determined revolutionary poets of our times, from Pakistan (now dead) who never flinched from the path of socialism, I have parodied on this poem:

Sanghi pe jo main qurban hota

To jeena kis qadar Aasaan hota

Jee ko bujha ke ho jata jo Ji main

To Editor bhee azeemushshan hota

Mera beta bhi amrika mein rehta

Main har chhutti mein pareestan hota

Modi ka jo main gungaan karta

To wallah leadere Hindustan hota

Faraz Ahmad


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