Ram vanvas

Hey did you realise, poor Ramchandraji is about to be sent on vanvas! I mean the Sangh is about to send Lal Kishan Advani on a sabbatical. Wonder how many of us would care to remember that at one point of time, at the peak of Ramjanambhoomi agitation, when Advani was riding his Rath from Somnath to Ayodhya, adorning the mukut and carrying his bow and arrows on the shoulder for frequent photo ops, RSS was organising Advani’s arati at every whistle stop by devout Hindu women covering their heads and faces with guhunghat. That was the time Singhal and his Sadhu band had prononuced Advani as an avtar of Ramchandraji. Now that same Ramchandraji is being forced to walk into the Sunset. The current avtar of Ramchandraji, aka Narendra Modi better watch out, history has a horrible tendency of repeating itself. Ha,ha, ha!!!

Faraz Ahmad


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