India’s Brahmanical judiciary


Faraz Ahmad

The Supreme Court of India has again shown its blatant bias in favour of a Brahman. It has commuted the death sentence of that horrible beast Sushil Sharma to life imprisonment and since the fellow has already served a long jail term, he might be released any day now. Imagine that hardened criminal beast, Sushil Sharma who killed his wife Naina Sahni first at his Shalimar Bagh DDA flat, cut her body into pieces and then drove all the way to Ashok Yarti Niwas at Ashoka Road with the intention of disposing off the body in a tandoor in which other non veg items are grilled, stuffed the body pieces inside the tandoor, lit a fire and then escaped and changed several towns and disguises to escape the arm of law, such a hardened criminal is let off lightly by a bench of three top judges including the Chief Justice of India. Can there be anything more shocking than the reasoning given for commuting his death sentence, that he was remorseful. Who said that? Funny argument the Bench has forwarded that murder weapon was not found and that nobody from Naina Sahni’s family came forward to testify against Sushil Sharma. Can the topmost judiciary in our country be so blind and callous to the brutal premeditated murder of a young woman political and social activist? By these standards why jail anyone in Jessica Lal murder case? That was, after all a freak accident in which the intention was not to kill. Was Vikas Yadav the real target of the judiciary because he is a Yadav and Manu Sharma the unintended victim? Lets see how many candle light processions will now be taken out to India Gate or Gateway of India against the Supreme Court. Do we have to protest only against the Police and Sheila Dikshit? What about the learned judges? This judgment underlines an urgent need for reservation in the judiciary right upto the Supreme Court.




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