Fascist conspiracy succeeding

Fascist conspiracy succeeding

Let’s prepare for a long haul


Faraz Ahmad

Former Army chief General V K Singh finally showed his true colours by joining the BJP on March 1 and pronounced the BJP as the only true nationalist party in the country. The BJP took time opening its cards and publicly owning up the general who from all appearances was contemplating a coup to dislodge an elected government and seize power. The UPA government has been so weak and supine that to date it has not had the guts to expose Singh’s designs. But it is worth recalling that all through the controversy over Singh’s bogus age issue, Leader of Opposition in the Rajya Sabha Arun Jaitley was stridently pleading the General’s case and was pressing the Government to concede the General another year in office to enable him to further tighten his grip upon the nation’s main Defence force and catapult into another General Ziaul Haq.

The sensational story of how two Army units evidently at General Singh’s command were being moved in a mysterious manner in the direction of Delhi on the eve of his approaching the Supreme Court, was broken nearly two years ago by the Indian Express though Defence minister A K Antony tried to play it down. General Singh flatly denied and imputed motives to the Indian Express for carrying a “malicious fiction” aimed at spoiling the good name of the Indian Army. But now the then Director General of Military Operations (DGMO) Lt Gen A K Choudhary has confirmed the alleged troop movement.

General Singh finally went out kicking and screaming in May 2013, despite the best efforts of the mild mannered Defence Minister A K Antony to handle him with utmost care and the Government’s demonstration of tremendous patience and perseverance. Finally it was left to the Supreme Court to deny him any relief. Soon as he hung his boots he jumped into politics taking active part in political agitations led by Anna Hazare. He was also present at the launch of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) by Arvind Kejriwal, though he later went over to Anna, when Anna distanced himself from Kejriwal. But recently he appeared on the dais at BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi’s first rally in Haryana, the General home state.

The General had raised his banner of revolt against this Government at a time when the Opposition cries led by the BJP against the UPA government, ostensibly on corruption and mismanagement, had become most shrill and deafening. But BJP’s act of welcoming the seditious general with open arms merely exposes what brand of nationalism BJP believes in—my man could be a terrorist, could commit sedition but he is a nationalist, because he is with me.

The General was pushing the Government in a corner about the same time as Baba Ramdev had jumped into the fray beating his chest on black money stashed away in foreign banks, never mind how much of his ill gotten wealth is hidden in India and abroad. At a parallel level Subramaniam Swamy was knocking almost every day at the courts to damage the credibility of the Government on 2G spectrum eventually succeeding in causing a rift between the DMK and the UPA government, nee the Congress party.

Simultaneously Ram Jethmalani had launched his own tirade against the “corrupt” UPA government. What is the convergence point of all these gentlemen? Who provided the logistic for Anna’s Ramlila Maidan jamboree? Don’t go by my insinuation. Mohanrao Bhagwat the sarsanghchalak of the Rashtriya Swaywamsevak Sangh (RSS) said on record how the Sangh and its various subsidiaries ran the day night kitchens at Ramlila Grounds in Delhi which, apart from the day and night TV coverage was the main attraction for the people to turn up in droves at Ramlila Maidan, during that 11 day political tamasha.

Where did Anna finally go? With the Sangh. Where did General V K Singh go? With Anna and now formally in the BJP. Who gave all the land to Baba Ramdev in the pristine Himachal and Uttarkhand hills to Baba Ramdev? The successive BJP governments. So whose agenda is this sadhu serving by shouting hoarse black money, black money. Naturally RSS.

How did Subramaniam Swamy manage the rehabilitation back in the BJP? Swamy was disillusioned with the Congress party after 1999, because all his efforts to bring together Jayalalitha and Sonia Gandhi after the fall of Vajpayee’s 13-month government did not fructify in either his becoming a minister or in securing a reentry into 10 Janpath post the demise of Rajiv Gandhi. Rajiv Gandhi had no doubt flirted with the Tamil Brahmin Dravidian hater, because the two shared their disdain of V P Singh and were equally determined to put the Mandal genie back in the bottle. Post 2004 K N Govindacharya upset over a “foreigner” ruling the country, even though by proxy, started running a campaign through various fora, logistically supported by the Sangh and its various wings.

Govind is the one who organized a small public meeting at V P House within a few months of UPA government coming to power where the speakers included Subramaniam Swamy and George Fernandes. That was a creditable feat because in his book on Rajiv Gandhi assassination he had called George an LTTE agent. Soon enough the Vivekananda International Foundation (VIF) came into being with a fancy building at the capital’s most prime location Chanakyapuri with former Intelligence Bureau (IB) chief Ajit Doval (a confidant of L K Advani) heading it. This became a major venue for various calumny campaigns against the UPA government directed chiefly at Sonia and Manmohan Singh. That is also the place where Arvind Kejriwal made his debut as the so-called crusader against corruption by speaking at a seminar organized by Govind at the VIF. He was groomed by none other than Govindacharya.

 The RSS/BJP, duly supported by a saffronised media has succeeded in convincing most people in the country that the UPA government is the most corrupt government India has seen since independence and it is at its lowest ebb today, with the people lapping up every word of a vicious semi literate campaigner like Narendra Modi, who has been telling half truths or blatant untruths in every speech he makes. But the people seem to hang on to every word he utters.

 Going by Modi’s past, both as the three time chief minister of Gujarat and a one time organizational leader of the BJP and before that an arrogant Sangh pracharak, it is not difficult to predict that we are in for a very strident fascism in the country for sometime to come. It doesn’t surprise many when Modi/RSS/BJP strive to turn India into fascist a state.  What surprises and agitates saner elements is the response from the people to Modi’s call, or for that matter Arvind Kejriwal’s dharna to unapologetically promote the racist, fascist agenda of his minister Somnath Bharti.

 Sadly the Jats who have had  cordial and fraternal relations with the Muslims for decades, have suddenly turned so communally volatile that they have driven out Muslims from their villages. And even more disheartening to learn that the RSS is succeeding in poisoning the minds of the Dalits and others against the Muslims, thus clearing the path for a clean sweep for Modi in Uttar Pradesh. And except for some well meaning secular activists like Teesta Setalvad, Shabnam Hashmi, Malika Sarabhai, Mukul Sinha there is no organized resistance to this strident progress of fascism in the country, what with the Brahmanical forces in the Congress having convinced that arrogant dim wit Rahul Gandhi that he would flower into a great leader by sitting in the Opposition and challenging Narendra Modi and the man has actually started believing in the likes of C P Joshi sent by the Ambanis on lien to the Congress party. What else could be his reason to rebuff Ram Vilas Paswan and Lalu Prasad and gift Bihar on a platter to Narendra Modi?

 India has been very proud that it can never become a Pakistan. But then the line of difference seems to be blurring out slowly. I have always mentioned it to my BJP friends that as long as the father of Jihadi fascism in Pakistan General Mohammad  Ziaul Haq lived, the BJP and the Indian Right never uttered a word against him. Why? Because deep down somewhere they silently approved of his actions and were keenly observing him to emulate him and that process is currently underway.

 Ever since the creation of Pakistan the Punjabis have crushed other nationalities, the Sindhis, the Baluchis, the Pathans and the Mohajirs and earlier the Bengalis, under the boots of the Pakistani Army. But Zia came up with a better idea -Islam and cultivated Jihadi fascism which has since succeeded in terrorising and demolishing all secular, sub national movements of the linguistic and other minorities ruthlessly in the name of Islam.

 Mandal put the fear of God in the Brahmins in India, apprehending the backward takeover of the country and justifiably for it created OBC leaders like Lalu Prasad, Mayawati and Kanshi Ram and Mulayam Singh Yadav who posed a threat to the Brahmin supremacy. This onslaught was briefly pushed back with the rise of communal passions over the Babri Masjid-Ram Janambhoomi dispute. But that did not last long for even the Hindutva brigade lost all interest after the demolition of the Masjid.

 But then came Modi and he became an instant hero for crushing fiercely the Muslims in Gujarat. The poorer OBCs, Dalits and Tribals have virtually no say while the upper caste business community and its media is very pleased with Modi for his ability to squash  the Muslims who may not raise their heads at least in the near future. When the media and the corporate sector talk of Gujarat as a role model, they want the rest of the country to be similarly governed with an iron fist of Narendra Modi.

 Delhi elections have shown that the anti-Modi poorer and weaker sections, have been led astray by the likes of Arvind Kejriwal to believe that the UPA government was anti people and their leaders too corrupt to bring about any change. Fact of the matter is that the UPA led by Sonia Gandhi has done more for the poorer and deprived sections than any other government to date including the past coalition governments, be it NREGA, OBC reservation in higher learning institutes, Right to Information, Food and Education. True the schemes have not been fully implemented so far in the states, but for instance MNREGA has suddenly increased the daily wages of rural workers all over the country. That itself is a big step forward. Everyone has not benefited, much more needs to be done. But there are any number of commendable steps. But UPA government is corrupt and an Italian Sonia Gandhi needs to be thrown out. Mayawati has provide the best law and order and most effective and efficient government. But Mayawati is corrupt. Lalu Prasad has been the best Railway Minister the nation has seen since independence and that includes the great icon Lal Bahadur Shastri. But Lalu Yadav is corrupt. But Sonia is no less to blame not for all this but because of the love for her insolent and arrogant son and her unforgivable act of foisting a reluctant, incompetent and arrogant scion of the dynasty on the people of India.

 On the other hand the same set of people who call the UPA leaders corrupt give a damn about all the scams of Modi and all his corrupt dealings with Mukesh Ambani, Tatas and Adanis. Why? because corruption is not really an issue with all those shouting about corruption. By the way I am not saying there is no corruption or these leaders have not indulged in corruption. All that I am saying is that those who are out to defeat Sonia, Lalu, Mayawati and the Left, which includes both Arvind Kejriwal and Anna Hazare, are not concerned in the least about corruption. Their reasons are entirely different and that is to set the clock back. Till a few days back I did not believe this country could ever have a Modi as the Prime Minister. But today I believe, after seeing what they did to Lalu in just one day, snatch the victory from him by spiriting away Ram Vilas Paswan and shoo away 13 of his 22 MLAs. If this is the mood and if the reports of Mukeshbhai having collected a seed fund of Rs 15000 crore to support Modi campaign is true, then there is nothing that can stop Modi and turning this country into another Pakistan.





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