Why did a Sanghi Narendra Modi beckon a IM/ISI tainted Sabir Ali?

Why did a Sanghi Narendra Modi beckon a IM/ISI tainted Sabir Ali?

Is there some secret underhand deal?

By Faraz Ahmad

BJP vice president Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi deserves some praise for letting the cat out of the bag by exposing the connection between the ISI/Pakistani Talibani Jihadis and the saffron brigade, though apparently it might appear somewhat tenuous, hanging rather loosely through Sabir Ali.

Is it a fact that Sabir Ali was providing protection to Yaseen Bhatkal? It seems to, considering the fact that Mukhtar and following him, Rameshwar Chaurasia, BJP MLA from Bihar and then later Sangh spokesman Ram Madhav and BJP vice president Balbir Punj, all joined the chorus seeking ouster of Sabir Ali for his Jihadi terror connection. But not before Mukhtar exposed the fact that Yaseen Bhatkal, the top man of Indian Mujahideen (IM), was caught from Sabir Ali’s home in Bihar. IM is often held responsible both by the Indian intelligence agencies, in particular the Intelligence Bureau and the Sangh parivar including the BJP for creating terror in India at the behest of Pakistan for destabilizing and weakening India, through this surreptitious war.

IM terrorist Tehseen Akhtar has been charged with planting bombs in Narendra Modi’s Hunkar rally at the Gandhi Maidan in Patna on October 27. Five people were killed and four score injured in those blasts. The crude manner of dispersing bombs carelessly in remote parts of the vast expanse of Gandhi Maidan showed that the purpose of the blasts was not so much to target Narendra Modi who made a capital out of staying put in the Maidan despite bombs going all around, but to support the Chhapan Chhati fellow’s image as a he man, an Arnold Schwarzenegger Sylvester Stallone, standing tall amidst bombs going off all around.

In which case, Sabir Ali’s connection with the IM, nee ISI cannot be ruled out? Has Sabir Ali been rewarded for helping build Modi’s image as the Indian Schwaznegger, the He man fighting bare chested all alone the whole big bad world and emerging triumphant at  last? I wonder if Mukhtar knew so much about this how come the BJP and its Sanghi parivar missed this vital piece of information about Sabir Ali before inducting him into the party? Surely they must have checked but were under orders to ignore everything else except that Sabir Ali is one Muslim name from Bihar, just as M J Akbar’s basic credentials are his Muslim name and the aura of being a leading intellectual. Mukhtar’s bravado has not gone down well with Rajnath Singh who the very next day issued a veiled threat to Mukhtar through party general secretary and chief spokesman Ravi Shankar Prasad to repeat such insolence at the risk of inviting disciplinary action. But Rajnath and even Modi however much they may be fuming and fretting inside, were left dumbfounded when Ram Madhav and Balbir Punj endorsed Mukhtar’s objection.

After this chorus, the expected happened and like Pramod Muthallik barely a fortnight back, Sabir Ali too was shown the door. But are we to believe that BJP president Rajnath Singh or its PM candidate Narendra Modi were unaware of Sabir Ali’s past associations?  Hasn’t the damage been done already, hasn’t the BJP shown what would it be like if we were to vote for the BJP in the general elections? Only the other day BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi called India’s Defence Minister A K Antony a Pakistani, nee ISI agent alongwith Arvind Kejriwal. Kejriwal is an ISI agent in Modi’s perception for keeping company with Prashant Bhushan because Bhushan feels the people of Jammu and Kashmir, as of other hilly states like Manipur, should have a say in deciding whether the draconian Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) should continue to give unbridled powers of rape and plunder to the Army.

Available evidence points to the fact that Modi like Rajnath Singh was equally keen to add to their stable one more Muslim show boy. Which means that Modi was complicit in Rajnath Singh’s deliberate and willful act of admitting someone suspected of IM links. But if that be the case, how can we trust Modi’s or his fellow partymen’s credentials as patriotic Indians sincere about defending India’s sovereignty and integrity, never mind Modi’s tall claims in BJP’s campaign song, “Saugandh Mujhe is mitti ki, main desh nahin mitne doonga, main desh nahin jhukne doonga?”  Sounds so hollow after this startling disclosure.

Yaseen Bhatkal, his leader and cousin Riyaz Bhatkal (still in Karachi) and Riyaz’ brother Iqbal all have had close and intimate relations with terror heads like Hafiz Saeed who in turn enjoys full patronage of the ISI. The same set of people were also deeply involved in the 26/11 Mumbai attack, where for the first time we captured a Pakistani terrorist Ajmal Qassab alive, whom we later rightfully hanged after due legal process. That was a direct attack on India’s sovereignty.

Ajmal Qassab and his associate gunned down Hemant Karkare and his teammates in which task he was implicitly helped by Rakesh Maria who refused to rush forces to help out the brave Karkare team which went alone to confront the Pakistani terrorists. Rakesh Maria, was duly rewarded for that while the Mumbai Police Commissioner Abdul Ghafoor unceremoniously shunted out at the instance of one Sanghi enquiry commissioner Pradhan who commended Maria and condemned Ghafoor, in a blatantly communal Sanghi bias. A significant corollary of Mumbai attack by ISI terrorists was that with Karkare’s death the whole exercise of probing the Sangh link to Samjhauta Express and other terror blasts in Ajmer, Hyderabad and Malegaon all reached a dead end while K P Raghuvanshi, the man who was removed from the post for his pronounced and unabashed communal Sanghi bias against Muslims was happily restored to his post, to undo Karkare’s work. So in the end the Pakistani terrorists involved in the Mumbai attack helped whom? K P Raghuvanshi, Rakesh Maria, Col Purohit and Pragya Singh and if there was any doubt left about the political sympathies, the former Mumbai Police Commissioner Satypal Singh resigned to join the BJP to pave way for Rakesh Maria while sidestepping a competent police officer of proven integrity Ahmed Javed. Isn’t it curious that the IM seems to strike every now and then to strengthen the Sanghi’s stranglehold on our institutions?

Is there some connection between the ISI sponsored terrorists from Pakistan and the Indian saffron brigade, with clear links to our Intelligence Bureau? I don’t know. But I think this needs to be probed deeply and fairly by an unbiased international agency. But who will do it? After all, who benefits by exposing such a nexus? In the meantime Modi will keep singing Saugandh is mitti ki khata hoon and label all his critics enemies of India, while Hafiz Saeed across the border will similarly continue killing innocents in the name of defending Pakistan and Islam against US and India. Suits both of them and others don’t have the spunk to expose them sufficiently. Har, har Modi, hail Sabir Ali.



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