Love Jihad: Hail Goebbels!

‘Love Jihad’

Hail Goebbels

By Faraz Ahmad

September 22, 2014

Two interesting news items in The Hindu today:

The first :

The Government is all set to throttle MNREGS, first whittle it down, and then slowly but surely dismantle it altogether.

The second is about death of two children of Sahariya tribe of Rajasthan due to malnourishment, or to put it more bluntly these are starvation deaths. (The Hindu page 11).

The news reports indicate, following the withdrawal of all subsidies the poor Sahariyas are starving to death.  But then why be surprised? Vasundhra Raje’s slogan to defeat Ashok Gehlot in the 2013 Assembly elections was to end subsidies and all the welfare measures Ashok Gehlot introduced in his five year term and he had brought in seveal novel schemes in all spheres including health. Vasundhra’s won on the slogan “We are not beggars.” It appealed to the voter and it not only resoundingly defeated Gehlot in 2013 like the Congress had never been defeated earlier, but in the May general elections again the voter resonated Vasundhara’s slogan “We are not beggars” which is fine for the rich Thakurs, Jats, Brahmins and other land owning castes and the aspirational class. But what about the poor?  Et tu Brute!

This is the real agenda of Prime Minister Narendra Modi as well. Those who have been observing the   political philosophy of the Sangh and Sanghis know that it is anti-poor, anti-backward, anti-Dalit and of course most important anti-minorities (read Muslims and Christians today, yesterday it was also the Sikhs). It does not surprise people like me for we know that that is what the rising classes have voted Modi for. The other day one of my friends resonated the Sanghi view how MNREGS was a criminal waste of national resources. Is it? Is rural wages going up such a bad thing? Is it criminal to bring in a law to ensure that the villagers themselves decide what work be done in their village under MNREGA? No it is not.

But that was cited as the UPA government’s act of corruption and mismanagement. The haves will certainly say that but what about the have nots what of those who benefitted from MNREGA, RTI and innumerable welfare schemes implemented by the UPA government on Sonia Gandhi’s and her National Advisory Council’s prodding?  What about the landless, what about the man on the road selling vegetables? Why was he enthused by Vasundhara and Modi?

That’s where Love Jihad came in and it is still carrying on with senior ministers in BJP governments, be they in Gujarat or Madhya Pradesh, all crying hoarse Love Jihad. For that is the only way Amit Shah can convince the Jat, the Dalit and all others that Musalman is their real enemy “Jisse hamen Badla lena hai”.

Several years ago when we were kids and living in a two roomed government quarter in Timarpur, our next door neighbours were some Kaushiks from Haryana, rabid communalists. The sweepress who used to visit our house and every other of the 16 quarters in that block every day, was one young girl named Maya. She used to abuse us, constantly misbehave with my mother and even spit inside the house. No amount of complaining to her mother helped.

After a while she was married off and her younger sister Savitri started frequenting our house. Savitiri was a complete contrast to this Maya girl, was extremely well behaved and a good worker. But a few months later suddenly our neighbours the Kaushiks removed this girl and then she narrated the story. She told us that the old Panditayan who was about as old as my grandmother then, for my parents were still quite young, used to provoke Maya and tell her ‘You are not Hindus. Prove it if you are’ and she egged Maya on to abuse us and constantly misbehave with my mother. Savitri though refused to do the bidding of the Kaushiks and was sacked.  Soon thereafter  Maya came visiting her parents and also came to meet us. But now she was completely transformed.

So the fools that the poor, the Dalits and the OBCs are hopefully would soon realize what is the real import of Love Jihad: to snatch away all the welfare schemes introduced by Sonia one by one and keep the Love Jihad tempo high. Hail Goebbels !!!



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