Modi’s benevolence

Modi’s benevolence
Land Acquisition
By Faraz Ahmad
How kind of you Mr Modi to give us roads, rails, private boarding schools, multi-specialty hospitals and industry! Never mind if in the process you acquire our land giving it to your corporate friends to build Smart Cities, leaving us homeless and penniless. We will have no roof over our heads, nor anything to eat, but we will rejoice seeing cars zoom down glistening toll roads passing over where once existed our mud huts and little piece of land, which we will be forbidden to walk through without paying a toll tax. That’s what the imperial British empire did. That’s what successive governments including the six-year NDA rule did with impunity and that’s what you propose to do by pushing the Land Acquisition Ordinance down our throats. Bravo Modiji.
You are right Modiji, these UPA guys are a wicked people. They want to deny us roads, rails, industry, English schools, fancy hospitals at our doorstep! But where is my doorstep in your scheme of things? No I am sure you are thinking about the poor homeless and offer to make crores of houses for the homeless. But who will make it? Adani or Ambanis or some other builder like Saharashree Subrat Roy or Jaypee or Parsvanath and such others who thrived and prospered in the last NDA rule of Bharat Ratna Atal Bihari Vajpayee, who have been allotted vast tracts of land across the country through such land acquisition process most of which they have not utilized for any industry and after developing a national highway they are simply waiting to sell off my land forcibly acquired to those seeking fancy farmhouses or gated society colonies which my nose running little children will be barred from entering, Nor will they be admitted to those fancy private schools and hospitals. For one I will never have that kind of money to afford to send my child anywhere beyond the decrepit panchayat or municipal schools to be removed from such “100 Smart cities.” Besides even if I spend all my money that you give me for acquiring my land, my child will always be a misfit there and within no time will be out of such a school, despite paying that exorbitant fees.
As for those fancy hospitals, there are any number of them in Delhi now. You surely have been to some of them, at least as a visitor. How many poor patients you found in these hospitals? Please go there sometime and tell the people truthfully in your Mann ki Baat programme. Compare this with say AIIMS, Safdarjung, or even smaller government hospitals started by Sheila Dikshit in her 15 year rule in Delhi like the Aruna Asaf Ali Hospital. Go there ask people what the same hospital was like when she came to power after defeating a BJP government and how much it has grown in these 15 years and how many such government hospitals opened here in Delhi alone.
That reminds me to ask you how many poor mill workers of Bombay, and I insist on calling it Bombay, have been rehabilitated by successive governments. What happened eventually that the prime land of Byculla, Parel and adjoining mill area was bundled off to land sharks and the poor were driven out. The disputed properties are still lying barren where street boys loiter around and commit crimes as has been widely reported.
Naturally everything the UPA did was wrong and ought to be condemned. But when you were on the other side of the fence, what was your stand Mr Modi? Kindly retrieve the speeches of your esteemed colleagues, Sushma Swaraj, Rajnath Singh and even your Man Friday Arun Jaitley and read what they had said while supporting the passage of the Land Acquisition Bill, 2013. They went two steps beyond the UPA to offer much more to the farmer than what the Bill gave the land owner. Its very easy Mr Modi. You are computer savvy. Just go to, pull out the old debates and read through them before shooting your mouth off.
UPA guys were and still are anyway useless trouble makers, who need to be fixed. But what about your allies? Shiv Sena supremo Udhav Thackeray has disapproved of the Bill. Akali Dal boss Parkash Singh Badal says will oppose the Bill and even that twit Ram Vilas Paswan and his no good failed actor son Chiragh Paswan have protested. You have a clear majority in the Lok Sabha. You should teach these insolents a real good lesson by showing each one the door. After all what can these twiddle dees and twiddle doos do to you, the all powerful Colossus straddling mother earth like a giant.
I admired the way you fixed the Opposition the other day in the Rajya Sabha reminding them of their inferior status. Didn’t you say that the Rajya Sabha is a Council of States and the members should take cognizance of which way the people of their states voted and how your BJP has now spread from Ladakh to Kanyakumari and from Kutch to Arunachal Pradesh? Wah wah. This in effect was a veiled threat and I admired you for that. These twits deserve to be shown their place.
One thing I admire about you Mr Modi is your swagger and arrogance. You demonstrated this in full measure for two and half years ever since you won the Gujarat elections the third time in December 2012 and were at least informally chosen as the PM candidate. After the humiliating rout in the Delhi Assembly polls after which your party can easily be accommodated in an auto rickshaw and not the e-rickshaw, which has a larger seating capacity, some people believed you would reform and behave a little more modestly. But I was confident, you would never do this. That is your USP. Don’t ever lose it. I assure you the day you lose your swagger and arrogance you will lose your fan club across the globe. Bye Mr Modi and carry on your harangue.


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