BJP’s sudden love for Narasimha Rao

The man they indicted as corrupt and inept

By Faraz Ahmad

So the BJP has decided to honour former Prime Minister P V Narasimha Rao. This is the person against whom BJP moved a no-confidence motion, soon after he facilitated the razing down of the 14th century monument in Ayodhya, the Babri Masjid, ignoring the fact that the poor man helped the BJP achieve its long cherished objective.

This the same man BJP founders Ram Jethmalani and L K Advani together accused of taking one crore rupees in bribe from Harshad Mehta. This is theman whom Jethmalani arraigned in several cases and almost got him behind bars in the Lakhubhai Pathak fraud case.

Suddenly however the milk of human kindness is bursting out of BJP breast for the poor hapless and much maligned Narasimha Rao. How touching! How generous for the BJP to honour a great son of Mother India, left unsung by a treacherous thankless Congress party.

The BJP is currently on an award distributing spree bestowing national honours and national recognition every day on anyone and everyone. Starting with that Sanghi hack Rajat Sharma to the third rate film producer Sanjay Leela Bhainswali to their favourite Sanghi lyricist Prasoon Joshi to L K Advani to long dead Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya. You name him and Pranab Mukherjee is ready every morning with his sherwani, churidar and paraphernalia to pin the honour on the breast of every Sanghi in and out of town, at the Rashtrapati Bhawan or even at the recipient’s home. What’s a little drive anyway! But I wonder whether poor Atal Bihari Vajpayee, suffering from Alzheimer and what not could actually perceive what the fuss was all about. Sad day for him!

Returning to Narasimha Rao and the BJP, what is this great achievement of Narasimha Rao, which the nation missed all along? His corruption, that the BJP accused him of and kept lampooning him all through five years of his misrule? His indecisiveness! His choice of Burkina Faso to make weighty national announcements or his simple unadulterated love for the Brahmans and his conviction that God created Brahmans to rule Mother India, nee the world, or his love for Chandraswamy. Rao had a covert, surreptitious connection to the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi. Is that the compelling reason to pull him out of the word works, spruce him up and present him as India’s great son, denied the honour by the Congress party?

It is now amply clear that Rao had deliberately and consciously vitiated the probe into the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi. But nobody says why and what was the compulsion to resort to such blatant and desperate means. Some say it was to save his Rasputin tantric Chandraswamy and Man Friday Subramanian Swamy allegedly present in Sriperumbudur hours before Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated. That is apparent. What is left unsaid is why he took such a serious interest in covering up and vitiating the probe into Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination, unless of course he too had a hand, covert though.

There is no other explanation why the BJP has chosen to resurrect and restore the prestige of the Telugu Bidda, Tigman, as former Tamil Nadu DGP and a close confidant of R@AW K Mohandas described him.

The nation wants to know Mr Narendra Modi and Mr Arnab Goswami. Why not probe this?



4 thoughts on “BJP’s sudden love for Narasimha Rao

  1. There are better things to discuss:


  2. Guy knows everything about law and justice and humanity… except when it comes to Kashmiri Pandits — then he will turn deaf and dumb and blind and diseased

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