Jethmalani’s disenchantment with Modi

Jethmalani’s disenchantment with Modi

Symptoms of disillusion in the Modi Fan Club


Faraz Ahmad

Ram Jethmalani has finally declared his rebellion against Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Announcing his decision Jethmalani said his “diminishing respect” for Modi has “ended.”

Citing the appointment of former CBDT chairman KV Chowdhary as Chief Vigilance Commissioner (CVC) Jethmalani wrote onhis Twitter account, “Now we shall fight out in the Supreme Court and the court of the people of India. My diminishing respect for you ends today,” Jethmalani wrote in a letter to Modi and posted the communication on Twitter and called it “My break-up with Prime Minister Narendra Modi”.

Jethmalani’s disillusionment with Modi did not develop overnight. Sometime back he took out a half page advertisement in the Indian Express chastising the Modi government for its failure to get the Black Money back to India, as promised by Modi in the run up to the 2014 general elections.

Jethmalani’s disappointment is bad for Modi for several reasons, but more specifically two. One, Jethmalani was the first one from the BJP camp to declare way back in 2013, much before the party decided Modi as the most suitable and deserving candidate for becoming India’s Prime Minister. Thus Jethmalani backed Modi even when the BJP was still hedging its bets. Jethmalani had by then been suspended from the primary membership of the BJP and therefore his utterances as he himself oft-repeated, merely reflected the general mood of the country.

Jethmalani was so carried away by his fascination with Modi that he loudly pronounced Modi secular and a man of great personal integrity. The same Jethmalani has not only lost all respect for Modi but has announced simultaneously that he shall fight Modi in the Supreme Court over Modi government’s latest decision to appoint K V Chowdhary the Central Vigilance Commissioner (CVC) of India. He said his “diminishing respect” for Modi “has ended,” clearly implying that the breakup is not an outcome of sudden overnight  development and that the CVC appointment is not the sole reason. His respect for Modi had been “diminishing” Jethmalani said.

Jethmalani may have his own reasons for getting disillusioned with Modi and this government but in a sense his public stance is symptomatic of a “diminishing respect” for Modi among the rightist pro-market, Chatterati which set a lot of hope in the media projected image of Narendra Modi. For good reason too. There are no signs of the Modi government succeeding in getting the Land Acquisition Bill, attempting to undo the 2013 Bill, passed through Parliament. There is a general consensus among the informed sections that the inflation and GDP figures have been fudged by this Government and foreign investment instead of coming is actually flying out.

The underclass is equally hit. The funds for MNREGA have been discreetly cut. So is the case with the other pro-people programmes launched by Sonia Gandhi in the ten years of UPA rule. Already the farmer is hit by restrictions on MSP, coupled with limitations on procurement. So the purchase capacity of the rural class is visibly under stress, leading to slump in the market for motorcylces, tractors and other related implements.

Jethmalani is in many ways like his comrade turned foe, turned again bosom pal Subramanian
Swamy, a fair weather friend. He has changed parties umpteen times, starting from being the founder vice president of the BJP way back in 1980. In 2004 he had contested as the combined Opposition candidate against the then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. He rejoined the BJP in 2010 when Modi offered him a seat in Rajya Sabha from Rajasthan in return for pleading for Amit Shah in the Sohrabuddin Sheikh case. But by 2013 he was suspended and then expelled from BJP. He continued singing Modi’s paeans even after that. But then he has turned his ire and that signifies some waning of the euphoria for Modi among Modi accolytes.



One thought on “Jethmalani’s disenchantment with Modi

  1. Rats have started leaving the sinking ship! We have heard Jethmalani, Swamy, Murli Manohar, etc while Advani already laid to rest even when he is still alive! My heart felt sympathies for these old Nikkers Bhais, as after all I too have attended Shakha. With the Labour Law Act going to be brought in by Modi in coming session of Parliament, it may be the last nail in the coffin, though the coffin will get laid to rest only in 2019 general elections and we all will keep getting the foul smell emanating from the NDA-II for that many months.

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