Advani’s anguish

Advani’s anguish

Despondency over the current leadership


Faraz Ahmad

“Thehra na dil, na teergee-e shame gham gayee,

Yeh jaanta to aag lagata na ghar ko main”

The founder figure of the BJP, the hero of Ram Janambhoomi movement, Lal  Kishan Advani stands forlorn today and nothing describes this better than these two lines from an Urdu couplet.

Sadly, it is Advani who set the house on fire, to overcome his gloominess and don the mantle of Shri Ram. Here is the man who created the Frankenstein of the autocrat Narendra Modi. Today he sees the prospects of an Emergency like situation, curtailing all civil rights, undermining democratic institutions looming large on the horizon and finds the present day dispensation incapable of facing such a challenge.

Advani has spoken to the Indian Express amidst the current controversy,  raging over the financial misdemeanours of his two protégés Sushma Swaraj and Vasundhra Raje while charges are flying thick that insiders like Advani’s other creations Arun Jaitley, Narendra Modi and Amit Shah deliberately leaked this to the media to settle personal scores.

Advani is educated and therefore subtle. He is not the in your face Modi. On the face of it he has said nothing you could call anti-party or anti-Modi. But then he says it all. He says and I quote: “At the present point of time, the forces that can crush democracy, notwithstanding the constitutional and legal safeguards, are stronger” and says at another place, “I don’t think anything has been done that gives me the assurance that civil liberties will not be suspended or Destroyed  again. Not at all.” Now who does this threat to democracy come from? Naturally the government of the day and that’s the Prime Minister and all his men.

And if there was any doubt left he clears the ambiguity saying, “ I do not see any sign in our polity that assures me any outstanding aspect of leadership.” He elaborates further, “A commitment to democracy and to all other aspects related to democracy is lacking” and casts an aspersion of sorts on the present generation of leadership (naturally of his party) saying, “The number of people in this generation who are committed to democracy and civil liberties is going down.” If there was any ambiguity whether Advani was talking about his party or others he makes that amply clear when he says further, “Those whose presence in my generation gave me the confidence that they would not, only for the sake of personal or group advantage, compromise with democracy and civil liberties – they are to be seen less and less.” He says this witnessing the worst groupsim in the top leadership of his party.

To clear all confusion, he notes that, “Even when I think of writing a history of the Jana Sangh, I cannot think of many others who can help me write a correct history.” And what is the octogenarian patriarch of the Jana Sangh/BJP implying? That, in the present situation, even he fears writing the correct history of the Jana Sangh for fear of being ostracized if not lynched by a mob of Sanghi hooligans, shouting “Modi, Modi.” And finally he concedes the weaknesses of the present leadership saying’ “I do not say the present leadership is not mature. “But kamiyon ke karan vishwas nahin hota.”

The one time veteran journalist has even less faith in other institutions specially the media and its commitment to democracy saying, “Certain sections of the Press may have become more alert. The media is more independent today but does it have a real commitment to democracy and civil liberties – I don’t know. It is something that must be put to the test.” Similar despondency is evident with regards to Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal and his band of followers when Advani says, “In civil society we have only seen the Anna mobilization for the Lokpal in recent times. But it has disappointed after raising hopes. The failure of the movement has highlighted that if an agitation takes the form of government it will not be successful.” The man whom the judiciary saved from political isolation and ignominy over Hawala scam, does mention the judiciary as well but avoids an adverse comment, expecting the judiciary to shoulder all the responsibility of saving democracy, saying, “Of the various institutions that are to be held responsible for a well-functioning democracy in India today, the judiciary is more responsible that the others.”



11 thoughts on “Advani’s anguish

    1. What is there to pretend? Sanghi bhai going around with a fake name. You don’
      t have the courage to disclose your name. Please identify yourself properly if you want to be taken seriously. By the way how else you want to interpret the Jai Shri Ram hero’s interview?

    1. What does one expect from these IS barbarians anyway? But why does the world not turn around and ask the US, Britain and the rest of west Europe why do they continue aiding these Bs in spite of all the horrific tales we hear. I’ll tell you why. For all these years the bastards have never even once attempted to turn their attention to Israel. In fact is happy that these bastards are killing Syrians, Iraqis and other moderate peace loving Muslims. They are the agents of Israel. That is why the imperialist powers through the via media of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Jordan is supplying arms, amunitions and money to sustain their influence in West Asia.

      1. Your statement on “imperialist powers” victimizing “moderate peace loving Muslims” is pure speculation. All you need is a little bit of honesty to realize this.

        Several generations of dogmatic Arab ass-licking has rendered South Asian Muslims incapable of differentiating facts from fiction. They have been conditioned to worship their Arab overlords and then call themselves victims and then blame everyone else

        Israel is doing the world a favor by standing up to Mohammedan scum.

      2. Your understanding is so hampered by your Shakha upbringing that you don’t even know that the only place in India influenced by Arab Islam is Kerala and for that matter be it Christianity or Judaism all these arrived first in Kerala through the Arab traders. But the Islam in North India came via Central Asia and Afghanistan by which time it had completely metamorphosed into a central Asian entity. Be it the Lodhis, the Khiljis or the Mughals they were all fun loving, drinking and fornicating normal human beings. It is another matter that by that time even the Arab kings were nothing like what these US and Israel created Jihadi Islami of ISI, Taliban variety. Are you aware of the fact that in Turkey, Lebanon and Syria till very recently there was no restriction on pork. The neo Islam has been brought in by Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, two US stooges. But how would you know? You will only follow blindly the Sanghi propaganda. I am sure you are one of the NRI variety Sanghis

  1. I stand corrected. The Central Asians follow Arabs. And Muslims from North India and Pakistan lick Central Asian asses. The Mohammedan food chain (or ass chain), you see. Some are even donning Arab attire these days.

    There is a joke going on around blaming the US for violence in early Islam. You will even blame Israel for that.

    1. Who are youzzzzzzz/ Though you have still not had the courage to disclose your identity, I can safely speculate that you are an Aryavrat of the same central asian stock my dear. You were the first plunderers and looters. You came here on horseback chasing your cowherds, to conquer the Dravidians who had no horses. The Islamised Aryans came later with the same objective, my dear. But your shakhas forbid reading history and developing a scientific historical perspective. You also would deny that when the jews were being killed in thousands by your great hero Adolf Hitler it was the Muslim Palestinians who sheltered them. The Anglo-Saxon imperialists, realising the great bounty in Arab oil, created Israel and till today there are two set of standards in Israel, one for the whites and the others for Indians, Africans et al, Moses be damned. The day they find a more profitable source of energy, I bet all the whites will abandon that desert land and return to their native land

  2. Aryan Invasion theory is now totally discredited and shredded into pieces. The British, whose word you are regurgitating here, have admitted so. If you are open to learning, here is a video:


    1. Ha, ha, in your desperation you are now resorting to the Semetic/ Biblical/Quranic myth of Noah’s arc. But by the way why do you call yourself Aryavrat. What about Arya Samaj and what about Manu’s diktat of pouring molten lead in the ears of the Shudras if so much as a Sanskrit word touches their ears? Only because they had conquered and enslaved the Dravidas and pushed them back to the periphery of India. Do you know that the Dravidas were spread right upto Afghanistan because one of the five Dravidian family languages Brahi is still spoken in certain parts Afghanistan. I am sure you are one of those blindfolded NRI IITian. But just go and read linguistics, sociology and history instead of wasting your time on Sanghi indoctrination

  3. Ice age and its melting are more than Quranic myth. Also, if you are open to hard facts, Genetics studies are making the AIT mythologists’ life very difficult these days. NOT ONE study shows migration from West to East, it was in fact, the other way round.

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