Vyapam Scam

Vyapam Scam

Ab tak saintalees (47)


Faraz Ahmad

Forty-seven people associated,  by way of investigations or as crucial witnesses in the Madhya Pradesh ‘Vyapam’ scam have died and the numbers are still piling up,  with the needle of suspicion pointing at state chief minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan as well as important RSS functionaries.

Every time some major killing takes place like that of Aaj Tak reporter  Akshay Singh on July 4 in Bhopal, while probing the mysterious death of an accused in Vyapam, Namrata Damor or a day later of Dr Arun Sharma the Dean of Jabalpur Medical College (who was assisting the state Special Task Force in unraveling the Vyapam scam), the chief minister brazens it out declaring that he is the real whistleblower.

Can we recall when was this said earlier? In 1996 when the fodder scam surfaced in the united Bihar and the Opposition accused its then chief minister Lalu Prasad of having gobbled up the funds for the cattle fodder to the tune of Rs 990 crore, calling Lalu Prasad “Chara chor (fodder thief)” Lalu took the plea that he had ordered registration of all FIRs in the case, and constituted a Special Investigative team (SIT) to probe the Fodder scam. Nobody had died. But nobody believed Lalu Yadav. The BJP led by our very own Communications Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad and Sushil Modi immediately pronounced Lalu “Chaara chor(fodder thief).”

They didn’t let the matter rest at that. Immediately the Sanghis and their proxies flooded the then united Bihar’s Patna High Court and even the Supreme Court with any number of PILs. And the apex court readily granted their plea, delegating the responsibility to a joint bench of the then united Bihar’s Patna High Court comprising of S J Mukhopadhyay, later the Chief Justice of India, and Justice S N Jha to monitor a CBI probe into Lalu Yadav’s alleged corruption. This bench ordered the then CBI head, Joginder Singh, later the cynosure of Sanghi eyes, who  addressed their Vijay Dashmi celebrations in Nagpur and got a regular column in the BJP mouthpiece The Pioneer, to go on a fishing expedition all over the world to hunt Lalu Yadav’s hidden wealth. The then Joint Director of CBI U N Biswas  was granted a free run to write to the Army headquarters to arrest and drag Lalu Yadav handcuffed from the chief minister’s residence to make an example of the Man.

The CBI under the NDA government hunted for five years Lalu Yadav’s wealth. But in its final chargesheet in 2000 it placed the value of all Lalu’s movable and immovable properties at close to Rs 40 lakh. The Sanghis were not through with him yet and finally at the instance of Justice Mukhopadhaya and through a very caste biased Bhumihar judge of Ranchi, Lalu was eventually incarcerated and debarred from electoral politics, the final revenge of the Sanghis.

Similarly DMK leader A Raja was an erudite and competent minister as long as he was a member of the NDA Government of Atal Bihari Vajpayee. But once he joined the UPA and his party the DMK provided legitimacy and stability to Sonia Gandhi, the Dalit boy became the villain of the piece with a Bhumihar Comptroller and Auditor General Vinod Rao assisted by his Sanghi Deputy C&AG Rekha Gupta  deliberately hiking the figure of “presumptive loss” at 1.25 lakh crore in the case of distribution of 2G spectrum by Raja as Union Communications minister. Immediately a congenital Dravida (not Rahul) hater Subramanian  Swamy rushed to the Supreme Court and the apex court promptly took cognizance, cancelled all the licences and ordered a court monitored CBI probe resulting in the arrest of Raja and a whole lot of others including Karunanidhi’s daughter MP Kanimozhi but not Anil Amabni though.

Ravi Shankar Prasad finally auctioned the spectrum bringing few more pennies to the national exchequer. But he has  turned a deaf ear to the plea that the call drop rate has gone up tremendously since the companies have purchased spectrum at a premium.  Yeh to hona hi thha. After all once the companies pay higher premium for buying spectrum where will they recover their investment and earn a profit if not from the poor consumer? But neither the Government nor our venerated judges seem to be bothered. And why should they? They do not pay for their calls in any case.

Encouraged by such astounding success in 2G, Vinod Rai then ventured into Coal and put the loss to the exchequer for not auctioning coal at Rs 1.75 lakh crore. It is so blatantly dishonest of not only the Sanghis but even the Left that none of them has had the temerity to stand up and say that all of them had opposed the auction of coal in larger national interest because this is a national resource which they did not want to be returned indiscriminately to the private players just to make an extra buck. Before Indira Gandhi nationalised Coal, it was all in private hands who in turn controlled the progress of industry in India. Cases of wrong allotment of  coal blocks needed to be probed and corrected but to go for auction? Rajasthan Chief minister Vasundhara Raje, in her first incarnation didn’t want it, nor did Raman Singh in Chhatisgarh nor the then Left Front government in West Bengal and rightly so. None stood in the court to tell “Your Honour neither you nor the C&AG has any business to dictate state policies be it coal or spectrum”.  That is solely the prerogative of an elected government. But then Manmohan Singh has to be taught a lesson and the court is ready to believe that lowly filmy character Dasari Narayana Rao who held the charge of Coal as MoS in UPA I. Why not? He is ready to cooperate with the Sanghi establishment in fixing Manmohan Singh whose only fault in life is he stood by Sonia Gandhi.

But on Vyapam scam the apex court would not take a suo motu cognizance. No Swamy will rush to Tilak Marg with PILs to plead how the government  of Chouhan is not only looting and plundering Madhya Pradesh but killing the witnesses at will. How dare anyone even raise an eye brow when those already named include even the RSS top shot Suresh Soni?

What do we expect from the courts or the CBI anyway when the BJP is also ruling the Centre? After all what is happening in the terror (Maharashtra) and state terror (Gujarat) killings? Not one of them has faced a sentence so far. After that is it too far-fetched to assume that Chouhan too will get away the way Narendra Modi, Amit Shah and D G Vanzara have?



2 thoughts on “Vyapam Scam

  1. vedic maths will teach us that the law of probability says 100 per cent YOU WILL DROP DEAD from, of course, natural causes, if you cross the saffron path or worse come across a saffron scam. What is all this fuss about Faraz bahi. Maybe Har Har Modi and his ilk are in the Tandava mode! — Neena Vyas

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