PM and his boys and girls report to RSS

PM and his boys and girls report to RSS

But this is not remote control?


Faraz Ahmad

When was the last, phrases like remote controlled prime minister; twin centres of power; were bandied around and who did it? Of course the BJP and its Sangh parivar members who went to town to tarnish Singh’s image, working in cahoots with a select section of the media to bring down the UPA government.

Starting from the then Leader of Opposition L K Advani down to our present day Prime Minister Narendra Modi, including our very own articulate and suave darling of the media, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, all poked fun at the first Sikh Prime Minister of India disparagingly sniffing at him as the “weakest” prime minister,  and ridiculing the entire United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government as weak, indecisive and dithering, remote controlled by Sonia Gandhi, an extra constitutional centre of power.

When they were a little more charitable and condescending they would accuse of two power centres existing in the UPA, which hampered all governance, admitting reluctantly sometime that there was one in the persona of the Prime Minister as well. This when Sonia Gandhi was an elected member of Parliament, the President of the single largest political party leading the UPA, the Congress party and when the entire UPA had unanimously elected her in 2004, in a transparent election, their leader to lead the nation as India’s Prime Minister, which she gracefully declined.

The UPA government had decided to constitute a National Advisory Council (NAC) under Sonia which comprised of genuine social workers: eminent people like Aruna Roy, Harsh Mander and many others with unblemished credentials and well established integrity in areas of empowerment of the people.

The Sanghis felt so seriously threatened by the NAC contribution to Right to Information (RTI) Act and Mahamta Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee (MNREG) Act, that they successfully sabotaged the NAC and yet they kept crying hoarse of dual power centres in the UPA.

That was another day and Manmohan Singh was a different person. Now we have the entire top brass of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) led by its Sarsanghchalak Mohanrao Bhagwat descend upon the national capital and summon our very own Chhappan Chhati, make him stand humbly before the court of the Parivar and give an account of his misdeeds nee noble commendable deeds of keeping the communal cauldron simmering, banning cow slaughter and thus enforcing an unsaid martial law against consuming or trading in non-vegetarian cuisine. Every day poor people carrying cattle slaughtered or live for any purpose, not necessarily for slaughter and no evidence of it being a cow, are pulled down from trucks, and publicly lynched right here in Delhi and neighbouring Haryana, what to talk of Sanghi citadels like Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Maharashtra.

The first “macho” Prime Minister of India is to give an account of one year of functioning of his government on various current issues starting from the current burning issue of one rank, one pension for the Army personnel; the rising Muslim population and dwindling Hindu numbers, an area of serious concern for many in the Sangh very succinctly articulated in several press conferences by Ashok Singhal, progress on saffronising the nation’s education and of course Hardik Patel’s demand to do away with reservations altogether.

The Prime Minister and all his ministers will stand at attention in a queue, step out one by one, salute the Bhagwa and give an account of their achievements to the men in Khaki. The worthies include Arun Jaitley, Sushma Swaraj, Manohar Parrikar, Nitin Gadkari, Venkaiah Naidu, Ananth Kumar and J P Nadda. While the entire BJP parliamentary board is attending this three day jamboree, Vyapam scam tainted MP chief minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan has been granted a leave of absence and so has a top Sangh functionary Suresh Soni also named in the scam. BJP ministers have been a bit anxious about this meeting for three is a buzz in the air of an imminent reshuffle with Jaitely likely to be deprived of both his Finance and Information and Broadcasting portfolio and shifted out to replace Sushma as the country’s External Affairs Minister. From the writings of most Modi acolytes, the disenchantment with Jaitley’s performance as the Finance Minister is out in the open.

Sushma too has to be taught a lesson for scuttling the NSA level Indo-Pak talks, the Prime Minister and his Security adviser were very keen on. Sushma may move to Human Resources Development to implement Sangh’s saffron agenda with greater finesse which Smriti Irani lacks and therefore she may be asked to fix the media, apart from obliging her friends from the world of glamour as I&B minister. As if there is any need to do anything about these bending crawlies.

But the final arbiter is the Sturmabteilung (SA) whose polit bureau comprising of Bhaiyaji Joshi, Dattatreya Hosbole, Krishan Gopal is here in full complement with Bhagwat to tell the boys how to govern India. And yet no one dare say which is the real Centre of Power in this Government. Hail Bhagwa! This is not remote control. This is blatant and overt control.


2 thoughts on “PM and his boys and girls report to RSS

    1. Ha, ha! you are so upset about this? First, let me welcome your comment. But I haven’t written about secularism here my dear sir. Please read this again. It is about remote control by a set of people who are not accountable to anybody. You are free to comment but why not stick to the point. I am merely reminding people like you how you all were crying from the rooftop about Sonia’s so-called remote control when none of this existed. Moreover she was an elected MP, the president of the largest constituent of the UPA and elected chairperson of the UPA and had a legitimate responsibility to intervene in Government matters through proper fora, like the NAC. Y
      et she never once summoned the Prime Minister to 10 Janpath. Who does Mohan Bhagwat represent? You!

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