Lalu contrite over his beef remark

Lalu contrite over his beef remark

Foot in the month habit of our political leaders

By Faraz Ahmad

Our politicians have a terrible habit of shooting their mouth off first and regretting it later. Our Prime Minister Narendra  Modi had announced with great fanfare of putting Rs 15 lakh in the account of each citizen by bringing back all the black money stashed abroad and it is so evident he is regretting this to date, what with his one-time self-confessed admirer Ram Jethmalani now out to “defeat” Modi in Bihar elections.

The current storm over beef is also partly of Modi’s making. It was he who had coined the term “Pink Revolution” in the run up to the last general elections implying that the UPA government of a Christian Sonia Gandhi was deliberately encouraging the villainous Muslims to slaughter the revered Gaumata and export beef. Never mind that beef export in last one year of Modi rule registered highest growth. How can he now turn around and question the likes of Sanjay Rana, Sangeet Som, Sanjeev Baliyan, Sakshi Maharaj or Mahesh Sharma who are all out on the Gau Raksha mission. Except that any effective BJP leader could have turned around and asked this fraud rapist sadhu if he is so committed to Hindutva, what was he doing sucking up to and supplicating before Mohammad Azam Khan since Azam Khan had a preeminent position in the Samajwadi Party before the charlatan joined the SP and continues to be important in that party to date.

Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) leader Lalu Prasad, doing so well in the current Bihar poll campaign, from all off the record accounts too has gone and shot himself in the foot . He first made bold to declare that Hindus too eat beef and then after the BJP decided to pin him down, fearing a communal Hindu backlash he hurriedly backtracked and a contrite Lalu Yadav surrendered to his detractors, Giriraj Singh, Sushil Modi et al saying, “Mere munh se shaitan ne beef wali baat bulwai thhi (Devil made me say that thing about beef)”.    And he is under the mistaken impression that the BJP and its supporters will forgive him for that. It requires the guts and courage of a maverick like Markandey Katju, the son of Shivnath Katju (former president of Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), not just to announce that he eats beef but to dismiss his detractors as illiterates and ignorant on a prominent TV channel. But Katju is no politician so he could afford to get away with it. Lalu needed to be a little more cautious, no doubt.

It is however common knowledge that there is no dearth of Hindus who eat beef and in any case there is and never has been any prohibition on eating the buffalo beef. So what is this hullabullo all about? The people of the entire North East eat beef and by beef I mean the Gori Gau and not the Kaali Bhains. There is an obvious Aryan racial sub-text to this also for in effect what is the difference between a cow and a buffalo, except the colour of their skin? In fact buffaloes are more healthy, give more creamy and greater amount of milk. There is no visible distinction between their dung and urine as well. So why worship cow alone and why lead the buffalo to the sacrificial alter? But that’s for a later debate.

The issue is do Hindus eat beef? Lalu should have turned around and sought the views of his one time comrade and fellow social justice traveller Ram Vilas Paswan and also of that latest champion of the Mahadalits, Jitan Ram Manjhi on blanket ban on beef consumption. I don’t know Manjhi but Paswan surely can’t deny having ever consumed beef. Manjhi is in fact a Moosahar who were condemned by the upper caste in Bihar to worse state, to catch and eat mice.

Who was the first one to react to the decision of Maharashtra and Haryana government to ban and penalise the sale, possession and consumption of beef? Our Minister of State for Home, Kiren Rijiju. Why? Because he is from Arunachal Pradesh and all the people of North East, Hindus, Christians, tribals all not only eat beef but have regular cattle sacrificing rituals in their temples. Not many people perhaps know that the most relished delicacy in Arunachal Pradesh is Monkey.

Why did the Shiv Sena of Udhav Thackeray and rival Navnirman Sena of cousin Raj Thackeray take umbrage to ban on meat consumption last month? Because most OBCs eat beef. Beef is cheaper than Dal, Onion and vegetables these days and is therefore an affordable source of their subsistence. Add to that the Dalits and the tribals too. I have stated earlier too how during the entire Shiv Sena-BJP rule from 1994-99 beef was sold openly from Government owned MAFCO outlets all over Maharashtra.

With the exception of some Tamil Brahmins almost all the other castes in Tamil Nadu eat beef. In fact one of the cardinal principles of Periyar was to press upon those joining his movement to shun vegetarianism.

Kathi rolls a legacy of Kolkatta are essentially beef rolls in Kolkatta and the business does not thrive on Muslim clientale alone.

The first time when Atal Bihari Vajpayee was sworn in in 1996 for 13 days and sought a vote of confidence, former Deputy Speaker of the Lok Sabha G G Swell rose in Parliament and spoke that while he was  a big admirer of Vajpayee and would have gladly voted for him he won’t because the BJP may impose a ban on beef consumption, a staple diet in the Hills of North East.

His support for Vajpayee was perhaps also inspired by, among other things , Vapayee’s well- known love for Jama Masjid Nihari in Delhi’s bitter Winter and that is hooves of cattle cooked over simmering heat  overnight. J P Mathur himself a non-vegetarian, used to relate to his large following of journalists fan club how L K Advani too was originally a non vegetarian and their camraderie and bonhomie developed because both loved going to Jama Masjid area to relish the seekh kababs there. Now it is common knowledge that those road side kababs though fabulously delicious, are all made of beef.

Then there are those in Modi’s cabinet who eat beef only when they go out of the country. Can we recall how many BJP leaders went round Anarkali Bazar in Lahore when they went on a diplomatic mission to Pakistan? What did they eat there? Vegetables! Where did they get these? My friend Photo Editor Praveen Jain could not even eat Dal there because even in Dal there were chicken pieces.

By the way beef consumption has to do less with religion than with class. For instance at least in North India and what now comprises Pakistan, beef is hardly consumed by the upper class Muslims. I was in Pakistan in 1991 for 12 days and not once either at any home or at a hotel, restaurant I saw a  beef dish and finally I had to ask whether beef is banned in Pakistan as well and my uncle laughed and said, “You want to eat beef, I well take you to a nice place where they give you good beef kababas.

So instead of feeling contrite Lalu should have turned around and exposed the hypocritical Sanghis. But for that you require the steely courage of a Kancha Ilaiah or my young friends from Delhi University Gaurav Jain and his class and university fellows who unsuccessfully organized a “Beefy picnic” outside BJP headquarters, 11, Ashoka Road and were detained and roughed up by the Delhi Police.



7 thoughts on “Lalu contrite over his beef remark

    1. First why don’t you guys have the guts to disclose your real identities to be looked in the eye. Second, I’ve related some real life facts. Let your vigilante force first go and lynch your BJP leaders who eat beef before attacking and blaming others for cow slaughter.

    1. This one doesn’t surprise me because the raison d’ etre for creating Pakistan was religion. But when it comes to religion, there is always this issue; Your religion or mine. Mine is the best and all others need to be exterminated. There are so many sub sects among Muslims each one saying mine is the real Islam. So if a nation is created in the name of Islam or if it is a theocratic state like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait or Bahrain, then naturally there will be this clamour to enforce my brand of Islam and condemn the others as heretics. This is what was happening in medieval Europe. Muslim world is currently passing through the same phase. But the sad part is that India which had gone far ahead with a modern secular outlook, is restoring to clone Pakistan under RSS/Modi rule now.

  1. Karachi vice: inside the city torn apart by killings, extortion and terrorism

    In May, gunmen entered a bus and shot dead 46 Ismaili Shia Muslims; bombings of religious parades are so frequent that on public holidays the city is placed on high alert and mobile phone networks are shut down. When Pakistan gained independence in 1947, Karachi was a cosmopolitan coastal city of 500,000 people, that carried the hopes of this new nation. Sixty years on, it is one of the most violent places in the world.

    1. Well the Shias, the Ismailis, the Ahmadiyas, the Mohajris, all deserve what they are now receiving at the hands of these mad mullahs because they all actively and enthusiastically supported the creation of Pakistan in the name of Islam and that stupid oaf Mohammad Ali Jinnah, himself an Asna Ashari Shia led them all not applying his mind to the fact that Islam is no homogenous ideology. There were even then at least 72 sub sects and now are there many more, each one claiming mine is the best and others have no right to live. Let the Indians be warned this is what is come when we succumb to religion or religious bigots of the Sangh/Modi variety

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