Pehle Aap, sabke baap

Pehle Aap, sabke baap

Sakshi wants death penalty for rape

By Faraz Ahmad

It is so encouraging to hear the BJP MP from Unnao, Sakshi Maharaj, nee Swami Sachidanand Hari, or whatever his real name be or as many  aliases as  he may be strutting around with to sermonize us and suggest death penalty for anyone committing the heinous crime of rape.

No defence of the accused though in this case the person accused of committing rape happens to be the political rival of the BJP MP and therefore he can easily turn around and demand the strictest punishment against this person.

Human memory is short and that of politicians is conveniently shorter. Otherwise it is not long ago when the Principal of a college in Uttar Pradesh held a press conference in the Press Club of India accusing the fire spewing saffron clad OBC Sadhu of the Ram Janambhoomi movement of kidnapping her keeping her in confinement in one his dens in UP for over a month and repeatedly gang raping her along with his two nephews. According to this woman she was travelling by jeep from Agra to Mathura with her husband when the Sadhu’s men stopped the jeep on the way, assaulted her husband and forcibly took her away to satiate the Sadhu and his close associates’ lust, till she managed to give them a slip and escape from their clutches. This was the story the lady concerned narrated and also stated in a press note at the Press Club.

Sakshi Maharaj is a big philanthropist running a network of schools and ashrams from Odisha to Jharkhand to Uttarakhand wherever the BJP formed government either on its own or shared power with an ally, to promote the cause of Hindutva, so dear to his heart by teaching young Hindu women his philosophy of turning into baby making machines to beat the rising Muslim population and put their mite in making India a true Hindu Rashtra. The current Hindutva icon Baba Ramdev was still learning the ropes when Sakshi had already acquired power and pelf and captured land all over the country under the guise of promoting Hindutva.

Going by the FIRs filed against this Hindutva icon, he seemed to have had a special fondness for his college Principals, teachers and other Ashram inmates and female supervisors. For another woman disciple of Sakshi, hailing originally from Mainpuri living and teaching in his Farrukhabad Ashram also accused him of confining her and repeatedly raping her.

He got away with both the rape cases, thanks to his ability to choose the right political mentors at the right time. So while he acquired political prominence with the BJP under former UP chief minister Kalyan Singh’s patronage. The moment Kalyan Singh lost his preeminence in the BJP after abusing the then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, he switched sides and joined Mulayam Singh Yadav’s Samajwadi Party and so the UP police all along looked the other side and refused to believe the accusing women, even though he had to be held in Tihar jail for over a month after the first rape FIR was registered against him.

The OBC Hindutva staff bearer seems to have a special fondness for Brahmins, both men and women, lusting for the women and thirsting for the blood of Brahmin men or so the BJP said when he was an accused in the murder of a prominent BJP leader of his area those days way back in 1997, Brahm Dutt Dwivedi. But then we are only discussing Hari bhai’s views that a rapist ought to be hanged. Hope Hari bhai will set an example.  Pehle Aap, sabke baap.




2 thoughts on “Pehle Aap, sabke baap

    1. I am happy because those bloody fools (Muslims all over the world) who look towards Saudi Arabia as their holy land, deserve this. True we are believers of Prophet Mohammad but we are not barbarians. We are inheritors of the Islam which came to us from Central Asia and had become considerably civilised by the time it arrived and became more civilised in India. Those fools who under the influence of Saudi Arabia started saying Allah Hafiz instead of Khuda Hafiz, who rushed to join the Salafists to kill innocent human beings imagining this to be Islam, deserve this. It has pleased me immensely because I have no relations whatsoever with the Saudis and I detest them with a passion. Let me assure you I dont propose to set foot on Saudi soil till the House of Sauds is ruling there. As a Muslim I consider that place under the occupation of the enemies of Islam

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