Omlette on the face of Amit Shah

Arunachal Pradesh

Omlette on the face of Amit Shah


Faraz Ahmad


Egg on the face is a common phrase in English language but my great editor M J Akbar improvised on that when contrary to all his and his acolytes’ expectations, the BJP/NDA were dished out a humiliating defeat in the 2004 general elections. So in his column in the Asian Age founded and established by him, which he later sold out to T Venkatarama Reddy the owner of Deccan Chronicle, he rephrased it as “A full fledged omlette on my face.” Such was our current Minister of State for External Affairs M J Akbar’s hopes, desires, conviction and confidence about the certain return to power of the BJP, much before he did “Bayet” on the hands of Narendra Modi (Then it was L K Advani) that in a state of shock he had to admit to a full omlette on his face. But before that he had succeeded in convincing that brainless playboy owner of DC, Venkatarama Reddy as well, who blindly put all his eggs in the BJP basket, to later regret doing this. He changed sides a couple of years later. But post 2014 Reddy must be ruing walking out of the Sanghi camp and perhaps contemplating returning back to the Parivar.

Akbar and Reddy’s supreme confidence in the return of BJP in 2004 showed in their putting up a huge bet money on their prediction and inviting all the DC/Age employees to put their money as well. To which someone remarked, “what if we put our money on Congress, will we remain here or be sacked for it” showing what kind of Sanghi terror ruled the Age and DC. I don’t know the results for I don’t believe in bets and the results must have been quietly announced without any fanfare.

Returning to the egg on the face phrase, the irony is that poor Akbar dare not utter this anymore in the presence or even distant hearing of BJP president Amit Shah, a bigot and tyrannical Jain vegetarian who, inspired by Jai Gurudev and Jai Ramdev, given a chance, would whip the entire world into giving up “mansahar.” Never mind if his MoS Home Kiren Rijiju hailing from Arunachal Pradesh defiantly announced publicly, when this government banned not just the slaughter but possession and consumption of not just cow but all bovine progeny,  that he is a beef eater. But Akbar, the obedient child of the Sangh parivar won’t dare do anything of the sort lest he also be given the same third degree that his esteemed senior in the Government Smriti  Irani was dished out by Modi.

That apart, we are merely discussing omlette on the face of Amit Shah and it tickles my bones that he happens to be a veg vigilante. Imagine the plight of this poor soul. Suppressing his urge to whip the mansaharis, he served the best non veg delicacies for more than a week to some three dozen Congress MLAs till Saturday morning. One wonders how much Beef these Congress legislators must have consumed in that five star Guwahati hotel? What is the kind of tab Amit Shah had to pick up for all the Beef presumably consumed by these Congressmen over breakfast, lunch, dinner and also evening snacks with a little tipple. These gentlemen had a hearty Omlette and Beef kabab breakfast to their content at their hotel on Saturday morning, billing it to the Sanghi brotherhood, climbed on to waiting luxury cabs naturally arranged by the BJP and drove off to Itanagar, with Shah and his cronies licking the cream on their whiskers and grandly forecasting a victory on Sunday’s trial of strength. The Times group happily took the bait for all the reasons but chiefly out of their desire to see the BJP fully and firmly conquer the North East.

But as Times of India, a big favourite of the Sanghi establishment, grudgingly reported on Sunday, once in Itanagar they went off the BJP radar and the next thing we knew was that the prodigal sons including Kalikho Pul, whom the BJP had made the chief minister four months back, had all returned home happily, while Shah was busy wiping the omlette from his sullied face.

As for Shah’s “Sahib” Modi, he was simultaneously facing music here in Delhi at the Inter-State Council meet from his supposed allies, some open, others covert. Sukhbir Singh Badal, Mamata Banerjee and J Jayalalithaa fired the Central government of which at least two are a part, of surreptitiously usurping the powers of the states in a bid to subvert the federal character of the Union of India.

What the BJP has been doing first in Arunachal Pradesh then in Uttarakhand as also the failed attempt in Himachal Pradesh, simply betrays its disdain for the federal character of the Union of India. In any case North East, like Jammu and Kashmir, has since independence been treated by the Indian establishment as an occupied territory of the Aryavrats.

This is not to defend the Congress party which started subverting the federal structure of the Union of India way back in the late 1970s. But then the Congress did not have the benefit of the S R Bommai judgment of the Supreme Court of India. Way back in 2005 when a five judge bench of the Supreme Court struck down dissolution of Bihar assembly and the accompanied President’s rule there, the BJP and the rest of the media went to town pressing for the sacking of the then Bihar governor Buta Singh. Today do we hear a word from our esteemed friends Arnab Goswami, Rajat Sharma or that wheeler dealer some Chaudhry of Zee News whose Sanghi proprieter Subhash Chandra is now formally a BJP member of Rajya Sabha?

Will someone in this government or the Bhajap be held accountable for Arunachal Pradesh. Not to my mind and the media has already forgotten all about it.




3 thoughts on “Omlette on the face of Amit Shah

  1. The threats and abuse outspoken Pakistani women receive

    “I was sent pictures of daggers when I did a story on the sectarian violence in Pakistan. And aside from the journalism, being a woman in the public eye can have another downside – sexually explicit messages. These can range from invitations for sex, to descriptions of rape fantasies to graphic images”.

    Land of the pure!

  2. Sure enough, I agree with you and support you or anybody who is critical of whatever is going on Muslim majority states, particularly those created in the name of Islam and if you read my piece with some objectivity you may notice that I have shown where the source of this Islamisation lies even to date.But why question me on that. I am an Indian, talking about India and unlike you, have the courage to speak out without hiding my identity

  3. Sorry my dear sir, I mistook your comment to be on my previous piece on the great Subramanian Swamy. I think you commented on that one too. Never mind, let this be adduced to that piece. My other pieces if you go back to my site, would show that for me wahabism and salafism is the greatest threat to mankind. But just one thing, who created this frankenstein and who is still supporting IS? The US of A . How come these IS men supposedly upset with Israel, have only been killing hapless poor people Muslims and non-Muslims in Muslim states and have not dared to turn their attention to Israel. Because this Islam suits the Zionists as it does the Sanghis. See just today Modi’s creation Zafar Sareshwala has extended his support to Zakir Naik

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