Is India Modi or Amit Shah or both?

Is India Modi or Amit Shah or both?
The great dilemma
By Faraz Ahmad
There was a gentleman called Dev Kant Barooah, commonly known as D K Barooah who presided over the Indian National Congress during the critical period of 1974-75 when the then Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was fighting against her enemies from a Jai Prakash Narian led Sanghi onslaught on the roads of the country to a visibly prejudiced higher judiciary.
Apparently Indira whimsically decided on Barooah for lack of imagination or her diminishing faith in her senior colleagues in the Congress party and her Government. We all remember Barooah for only one reason. He coined the atrocious and absurd slogan: India is Indira, Indra is India.” And yet soon thereafter he lost his job and by the time Emergency was lifted and Indira Gandhi was ousted from power by the Janata Party, Dev Kant Barooah was among the first Congressmen to switch sides.
So far the Sanghis were pronouncing anyone raising questions about their beloved Pracharak Prime Minister Narendra Modi, as anti-national, Pakistani agent. So there was a Bhumihar mafia don from Bihar Giriraj Singh who in the run up to the 2014 general elections threatened to pack off all critics of Modi to Pakistan. Modi was so pleased with this that at the first opportunity, he inducted Giriraj into the Union council of ministers. Then there was this Sadhvi Pracharni who declared every critic of Modi as a Bastard (Haramzadon) and all Modi Bhakts as Ramzadon (the true followers of Maryada Pursuhottam Raja Ram Chandra.) Though she was ignorant of the decorum of Parliament and public life, as the Prime Minister virtually stated in Parliament, she had been made a minister only for the communal venom she was spewing which helped her garner votes in Fatehpur and both Giriraj and that Sadhvi continue to enjoy the perks and pelf of a minister to this date.
Then in the last Bihar assembly elections the BJP president had pronounced anyone opposing Modi a Pakistani because he predicted that Modi’s defeat in Bihar would be celebrated in Pakistan, notwithstanding the fact that Modi was sparing no opportunity to rush into the arms of Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. But the critics of Modi were all Pakistanis, implied Amit Shah.
Now the latest is anyone recalling the dubious past of BJP president Amit Shah is also a Pakistani agent and an enemy of India., be it Rahul Gandhi or anyone else in the Opposition. But hasn’t Amit Shah been charged with the murder of Sohrabuddin Sheikh, Kausar Bi and Prajapati as also Ishrat Jahan fake encounter case along with senior Police officer D G Vanzara for which these officers were in jail for quite some time even after Modi became the Prime Minister. And why believe Rahul? Please recall what Vanzara stated in his letter to Modi where he said he had done all at the instance of his political bosses. Who were his political bosses? Of course Amit Shaih and Modi.
And what about the case of audio tapes of stalking that architect girl by the Gujarat Police, who Modi had taken a shine for,submitted to the CBI by another Gujarat police officer G L Singhal again once a confidant of Modi and Amit Shah? But we are now told that any criticism of not just Modi but even Amit Shah is tantamount to betrayal of our sacred motherland India to stabbing Mother India in the back. Which means what? That so far India was only Modi but now it is also Amit Shah!
Now this has created tremendous confusion in the mind of ordinary Indians with an average intelligence like me whether India is Modi or Amit Shah or both half, half. So which part of India is Modi and which is that Jaini Shah?
That reminds me to ask our valiant Jaini crusader what percentage of Gujarati Jainis have joined the Indian Army to defend our nation against the enemy Pakistan or on other borders facing China and Bangladesh. Now the Gujarati traders have announced with much fanfare their decision not to sell their vegetables to Pakistan anymore. Can these Gujju banias also tell us what all they had been selling to Pakistan? And I pray to God these wares did not include our sacred and much revered Gau Mata, whom they have been saving from these bloody mullas and the Dalits in India. But who are in great demand in our carnivorous neighbourhood.


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