Modi’s quicksand
Faraz Ahmad

On November 8, nearly a month ago when Prime Minister Narendra Modi stunned us all Indians by scrapping all the 500 and 1000 rupee notes, he made a big case of checking terror from across our western border.
Last week I was away for a family gathering over marriage celebrations in Patna and while all of them, Modi supporters, belonging to the prosperous section of the society did agree that people including these, are facing extreme hardship because of this, they nevertheless argued that Modi has succeeded in bringing Pak terror to an end.
They obviously spoke too soon. I have come away from Patna but the Nagrota attack at least dispelled the myth that the demonetization was going to bring Pak terror to an end. If I am not wrong since November 8, not a day passes when some terror act is not committed by terrorists from across our western border, though not all of it is of Nagrota magnitude. As if to mock us they chose this time, like in Pathankot, the Garrison town of Nagrota barely 15 kilometres from Jammu.
First this Government gloated over so-called surgical strike inside Pakistan on October 8. An empty round indeed, because it failed in its stated objective of putting some fear into the hearts of the terrorists from across our western border and restraining them from any misadventure into the Indian territory. Next it chose to strike all the people of India. Since November 8 at least six major attacks have taken place the latest at Nagrota was of course the most shocking and even more shocking was the fact that while the Border Security Force was tackling three terrorists at nearby Samba and managed to kill them another group of three, four stole into Nagrota Army mess, killed seven personnel including two young officers before being gunned down in return fire.
Since the surgical strike there appears to be a certain pattern in Pakistani strikes as if to mock our loud mouth eye gouging Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar. They now directly target our Defence establishments and here we are told that demonetization has put an end to Pak terror.
It seems that soon after Modi too feared exposure on this count. So next he took refuge behind Black Money. There was a surreptitious suggestion here that Sonia Gandhi and her family members are all corrupt (“last 70 years the nation’s wealth has been looted and I will bring it all back,” said Modi in one of his speeches. No defence of the Nehru Gandhi family though I must say no political party or leader, least of the Gandhis can match the Sanghi loot, every time they have come to power in the states or at the Centre. And even the worst enemies of Congress and Nehru have never charged Nehru with corruption. As for the much maligned UPA government even Modi’s Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has never charged Manmohan with any personal aggrandizement. Even assuming Sonia and her family members “looted” the country’s wealth, Modi has completed half his tenure and by now he should have put all those including Sonia and her family behind bars and recovered all the supposed “looted” wealth. That’s what he claimed during his election campaign and that’s what he has again repeated. Only difference, then he said the wealth is stashed up in foreign banks. Having failed to show any tangible results there, he committed this desperate act of banning 86 per cent of our cash currency.
Modi said the rich are spending sleepless nights while the poor are happily sleeping tucked in their Razais celebrating his act of nailing the corrupt. He has obviously not gone around the country. Had he even once taken an incognito round of even the national capital he would have seen who all are standing in the unending long queues. As for the rich I would suggest to our Prime Minister to witness how the Richie rich are holding their marriage parties. He just has to go one day to one of those innumerable farm houses dotted all around the national capital and see the ostentation and then tell us how the rich are suffering from demonetization.
Perhaps he realized that was another bombast. So the next was that the poor were depositing the money of Naxals. The implication of our self-proclaimed Robin Hood was clear. After cheating the poor of their hard earned wages denying them any exchange with the new currency, chase them away from the banks charging them as Naxals. The remaining are forced to open bank accounts and put their money in banks but with the Banks refusing to hand over my money to me, when and how much I need, the Prime Minister has the gumption to claim that my money is safe. How is it safe when the Banks have been looted by his corporate comrades of Rs 1.40 lakh crore? Surely the current move has recapitalized the banks pauperized by the corporate defaulters who will again be drawing more of our money as “loans” whose repayment is definitely uncertain.
So the next yarn was that once the banks have been recapitalized the Prime Minister will put Rs 50,000 in each of the Jan Dhan account holder, meaning the poor of the Nation. This is what is keeping the poor from rising in protest against the way they have been defrauded of their hard earned wages.
Let us see how it will work. There are at the moment over 250000000. Though rightly the Government estimates that the number of Jan Dhan account holders in this two month period may go up at least by a few crores, let us keep the figure at 25 crore only. Multiply this by 50,0000. That will be 25 lakh crore. Can our poor fools not see what a hoax Modi and his cronies are playing on them. From Modi to Vasundhara Raje to Surjit Bhalla to Tavleen Singh to Shekhar Gupta, they all hated MNREGA when the UPA government was spending only a couple of thousand crores at the insistence of Sonia Gandhi to accrue the nation’s wealth in rural areas. And Modi will give away 25 lakh crore to the poor! Ha, ha that will be the biggest joke of 2016 which will dawn on our wide eyed poor people only in the New Year.


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