Modi’’s pre-poll manoeuvres

Modi’’s pre-poll manoeuvres

Amar Singh ready to join BJP


Faraz Ahmad

The cat is finally out of the bag. Thakur Amar Singh, a self-professed ‘Mulayamwadi” is ready to join the BJP.  He confessed to the authorized disseminator of BJP propaganda, the India TV news channel of former ABVP activist turned journalist turned TV star Rajat Sharma, his admiration for Prime Minister Narenda Modi and on being asked of the chances of joining the saffron party, “did not rule out” the possibility.”

UP chief minister and now Samajwadi Party president Akhilesh Yadav and his mentor uncle and SP’s intellectual face Ram Gopal Yadav who expelled the Thakur from the SP, soon as they snatched the party from father founder Mulayam Singh Yadav, have been skeptical of Amar Singh for over a decade now even as in the late 90s and the first decade of this century, Amar Singh’s stock rose exponentially in Mulayam Singh’s eyes and therefore in the SP, despite Amar’s assertion  from time to time that he was no Samajwadi, but simply Mulayamwadi.

Mulayam and his chief lieutenant then and younger brother Shivpal Yadav gave Amar Rajya Sabha ticket and made him a member of Parliament in May last, defying Ram Gopal, Azam Khan and Akhilesh himself. It took no time for the wily Thakur to emerge as a power centre, soon after his rehabilitation among the socialists, as of yore before his expulsion from the party in January 2010.

So in the second week of September he invited over Mulayam and Shivpal ostensibly to break bread where the chief guest was the newly anointed BJP Rajya Sabha member and the proprieter of Zee TV Subhash Chandra. But the real objective became evident when the newly appointed chief secretary of Uttar Pradesh Deepak Singhal appeared there with the file to allocate acres of prime land in Greater Nodia for that Modi acolyte Baba Ramdev to make a sprawling Patanjali park there and secured a clearance from Mulayam and Shivpal.

However as it transpired all this happened behind Akhilesh’s back and Akhilesh immediately hit back by replacing Singhal forthwith  with Rahul Bhatnagar. In one of his candid moments during the public spat with his son, Mulayam admitted publicly that Amar saved him from going to jail and in a clear message to the chief minister within days of this Mulayam elevated Amar back as party general secretary and followed this up with appointing him to the parliamentary board of SP, evidently giving Amar a say in selection of candidates for the impending UP Assembly polls.

Thus Amar who was blatantly working for the BJP and its backers like Ramdev, successfully manoeuvred himself into a position of authority in the Samajwadi Party within months of being reinducted and was now again in a position to influence vital decisions of the SP by manipulating Mulayam and Shivpal very nearly succeeding in effecting a split in the party with the prospect of the party losing its trademark bicycle election symbol. And if there was any doubt left, about whose behest Amar Singh was acting at, it was cleared when Modi’s government or rather Rajnath Singh’s Union Home ministry rewarded Amar with Z category security in the midst of all this controversy last December.

But by the middle of January when he saw a patch up developing between the father and son which brought the SP back from the brink of a split, a disheartened Amar Singh decided to go to London, or so he said.

He is back now and has openly rooted for Modi, attacking not just Akhilesh but Mulayam and even Shivpal as well, obviously upset over the failure of his game plan. But the moot question is what kind of threat or inducement was he offering on behalf of Modi and the BJP to Mulayam and Shivpal that he very nearly succeeded in not just splitting the SP but driving a wedge in Mulayam’s family and getting rid of Akhilesh on the eve of the UP Assembly polls. Whoever may eventually win in UP, this also proves that much before the infamous demonetization move, BJP was truly nervous about the Prime Minister’s chosen battle ground and had started investing majorly in undermining its political opponents.




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